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the Traffic..

..due to private vehicles use is one of the most serious current problems!

  • Besides the environmental pollution of which it is one of the main responsible and cause of death, the loss of money together with the stress and the loss of time caused by frequent congestions are factors that contribute significantly to the degradation of the life quality.
  • Public transport is insufficient to cover everyone's needs, and only a small part of travel takes place with these. In EU and US private cars for travel and commuting in particular, are chosen by 83% of people and 66% of these are used by 'solo' passenger.
  • For many people there are no alternatives to the use of the private vehicle. The measures for the revision of the private car park are as far back as 2030 and will not completely solve the PM10 issue. And there are no hope for a turnaround: in the last 10 years the difference from 83% is equal to 0%.
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Private cars
for commuting

83% of choises
in EU e USA


66% of total
World average

for commuting

128 M by day
in USA

due to traffic pollutions

0,5 M by year
in EU

to change

0% in last 10 years
in EU e USA

AutostApp..'s a new tool for an old as natural solution

  • The carpooling allows you to optimize the use of private cars reducing that 66% used by solo drivers. With a little effort the current traffic could be halved.
  • It is estimated that only a small part of the 'solo passengers' has the real need to use their own car. Most of these prefer the car to public transport because they consider it the fastest alternative.
  • The disincentive factors to carpooling are historically two: mistrust (try hitchhiking to believe) and the difficulty of matching paths. A tool is needed to promote carpooling by solving these issues
  • AutostApp is the tool:
    • it compare passages offers and request with a spatial algorithm and return the matching routes where user can choose the best fit
    • Provides the management of scheduled trips to both drivers and passengers and allows on-the-drive booking by simulating hitchhiking
    • It allows the knowledge of traveling mates and to race in safety thanks to a high level of user identification
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Get out of smog!

Let's limit pollution!

Say it again: Traffic is a great enemy of the environment and thus of life . It is necessary a community movement, we do not leave the solutions to others. Public transports, bicycles and electric cars are neither universal nor too near solutions.

Let's save money!

Sharing of travel expenses among all passengers will be a direct saving of travel costs per capita: it is estimated that in the USA car commuters spend $ 2600 per year to reach the workplace. In addition, a system of benefits for virtuous drivers is under study.

We are in alternatives lack!

It will seem presumptuous but it is a fact. Every day traffic is more and more congested despite the flourishing of pseudo alternatives that are only business systems: Uber and its clones, or the many Car Sharing used only to hole the limited traffic zone.

Let's take our time back!

Less cars in circulation means less congestion and less time thrown away! The time lost to reach the workplace by driving is not reusable, it is just lost time. So Again, saving time means also saving money and limiting pollutants!

Using it


  • Book your trip choosing by many alternatives
  • Emergency? Search and hitchhike!
  • Check your driver certify and rate the races
  • Save money more then with other solutions


  • Propose your rides by entering route and time
  • Manage passengers booking
  • Earn benefit with your behaviour
  • Return of travel expenses

the Team

Maurizio Bresci


Antonio Raimondo





L.A.'s traffic congestion is world's worst for sixth straight year, study says

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Commuters in Rome spend six days a year in traffic jams

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These 25 cities have the worst traffic jams in Europe

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Autostapp is free for the 1st month of trail, after which the cost is €1 as lump sum for registration

This is a real difference with other systems: search is not point to point. When a passenger enters his needs (origin destination and time) Autostapp use a spatial algorythm to compare the data with the drivers routes and report the best proximity solution

Actually we let the choice to the users. We suggest to maintain the cost of a passage in the urban area below the urban transport fee (f.i.€ 1) per ride per each passenger. For extra-urban journeys, the calculation of the costs can be done using standard journey costs table systems (available for free on line)

First of all in Autostapp everyone can be alternatively driver and passenger. Moreover Autostapp has no profit goal, but rather environmental protection. The small amounts that run are exclusively as reimbursement for expenses that passengers would have incurred using their own vehicle anyway.

Registration workflow requires data such as driving license and car ID (license plate) that will be verified by the team before being published online. In addition there is a system of on-board presence control and a dual-purpose travel limit, one for all passengers safety, the other for validating the driver's benefit rating. Finally, at the end of each race, it is planned to post the rating of the meeting, feeding the public history of each user.

In early version Autostapp doesn't provide any refund control.In next versions is planned to instantiate a wallet for each user having a symbolic amount to start the Autostapp experience. The personal wallet must be powered by credit card or virtual coin for which user must provide the details(another element of guarantee for the community)

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